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About Us

We started with a very simple concept - make people's lives easier when they get a new car or windshield and need to move their E-ZPass toll pass but do not have the "EZPASS VELCRO®" to do it!

Well we learned that EZPass VELCRO® isn't really VELCRO® at all, but a strong adhesive backed mounting strip that is identical on both sides. Unlike VELCRO® - Which has one side "Hooks" and one side "Loops" the strips that mount your toll pass has the same "mushroom" like connectors on both sides. When you press hard - the mushroom caps lock your toll pass in place better than any hook and loop fastener could ever do.

Yes - you now know way to much about what connects your EZPass or IPass to your windshield, but hey - you asked! Order your toll pass mounting tape strips from TollTape.com!

We are a family owned business that has been in business for over five years.